Zone Ten is Successful at Handling Multiple Product Orders

Zone Ten specializes in product photography which is frequently used on ecommerce sites or Amazon. Brian, the professional photographer at Zone Ten has been successfully running things for over 20 years. So when a client asked for him to photograph multiple products, Brian was able to conquer the task with ease.

Cookie Client, as the client is referred to, reached out to Zone Ten originally because the needed photos of their environmentally friendly cleaning products done really quickly. These photos were to be used on Groupon, one of the many ecommerce sites that Zone Ten takes photos for. Whenever the client had accepted the terms of the photo shoot, they were impressed with what Brian was going to do for them. The client then decided to ask for photos of another product, cookies and dog treats. After seeing just how good the photos of the eco cleaning products were, the Cookie Client quickly shipped over the next round of products. Again, Brian turned around another round of excellent quality photographs in under 10 days, just like he always does.

Zone Ten is a photography studio that delivers high resolution and quality product images that are taken on a white background. They are sure to always meet the standards required for Amazon or other ecommerce sites. They help to make sure that they take photos at just the right angle with perfect lighting. Zone Ten will help anyone’s products stand out amongst the competition. They will take multiple product orders of any type from any location.

Zone Ten Studio
5563 Arthur Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 766-4441

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